Monday, August 8, 2011

baby food

i haven't updated the blog in a month or so because a good portion of the food i've been making has been baby food. i thought i could share a few ideas on that front since making your own baby food is a healthy, cheaper way to feed your kiddo. i'm not going to rewrite a baby food book or blog, and the instructions for all baby food are basically "cook til soft, purée, serve". to store it (after puréeing), i poured the food into ice cube trays, froze it, and then stored it in zip-top bags in the freezer. here are just a few ideas of great foods for baby.

baby food
sweet potato (with cinnamon and nutmeg)
green beans (with onion powder)
butternut or banana squash
carrots (with curry and onion powder)
nectarine, banana, mango
blueberry, mango, spinach, kiwi, banana
plum, banana, blueberry
cottage cheese
tofu (mixed in with any other food)

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