Wednesday, March 24, 2010

how to cut an avocado

these yummy fruits (yup) are healthy and delicious, but can be slippery suckers to cut! i cannot remember who taught me this, but i always use this method to cut avocados.

first, cut the avocado in half lengthwise for two parts, one with the slippery pit challenging you to remove it from it's comfy home.

next comes the fun part, removing that pit. take your knife and hit that pit with the sharp part of the blade (not the tip, but about midway down the knife). the knife should stick in the pit - if it doesn't, try again. then, twist your knife so the pit almost unscrews from the avocado. to get the pit off of your knife, hit the handle of your knife on the side of the sink or garbage - the pit should fall off.

now, use your knife to cut slices or cubes into the meat of the avocado - try not to cut through the skin (of the fruit, or your hand for that matter). now use a spoon to scoop out the green goodness! oh, baby.


  1. Hey thats how you eat mangos too how was london?

  2. I read recently that avocado is actually a berry.

  3. hi sam! london was fantastic - james is loading pics on fb right now. i cut mangoes similarly to this, but after i cut the grid in the fruit, i flip the skin inside-out. and at that point, i can't help but eat the thing right then and there. oops.

  4. That was me who taught you the "take out the pit" maneuver.